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Digital Power Converter Design Kit (9/22/5)
(Learn Digital Power through Hands-On Example)
8-Buck Converter Design Kit enables customer to build, program, test, and analyze a Buck converter controlled by 8-bit PIC Micro.  Highly integrated components execute control functions through firmware algorithms that are converted to analog circuits for analysis and intuitive understanding.  The 80W converter has 12V input with output adjustable from 1V to 11V on a through-hole PCB measuring 3.6” x 1.5”.  Key performance parameters include 92% efficiency and 12mVrms ripple at 156KHz switching frequency.  Micro has 20MHz clock and performs PID control updates every 25.6uS for 200uS step-load recovery.  Design processes, firmware optimization, robust practices, and evaluation methods for digital power control are illustrated through proven techniques.  Concepts are universal to other devices and applications enabling effective trades prior to detailed design in a variety of industries. Kit includes blank PCB, programmed chip, and documentation with schematic, parts list, description, SPICE model, and protected source code. Available now for $59 each at www.flex-tek.com.
Data Sheet:  http://www.flex-tek.com/8BUCK01.PDF
Photo:  http://www.flex-tek.com/8BUCK.JPG

FlexBusTM Simplies Isolated Communication in Digital Power Control
FlexBusTM is a low-cost multi-drop serial interface for power control and automation.  The electrically isolated data bus eliminates line drops and ground noise from measurements, protects the PC from power transients, and enables operation at varying voltages.   Competing interfaces have excessive software overhead and bi-directional data lines that are difficult to isolate, which effectively limits power control applications.  The isolated data lines of FlexBusTM plug directly into the PC for automation, or connect to logic pins for embedded control.  Simple six-byte ASCII command strings enable real-time interrupt-driven control and data acquisition with minimal software overhead.  Free Active X and demo programs illustrate common applications while speeding custom software development. FlexBusTM Interface Board may be used with supplied FlexControllerTM SOC, PIC micro (ICD compatible), or other UART device. Application notes and tutorial, combined with optional power board and education kit, ease product development. FlexBusTM Interface Board FCIF010 (1.7in x3.0in PCB) is available now from www.flex-tek.com for $59 each.  Contact David Caldwell at djcaldwell@flex-tek.com. 

Digital Power Controller Speeds Product Development 
The versatile power, control, and data interfaces of the MultiDriverTM Board save valuable time by providing an integrated system for digital controller development.  Typical applications include power, thermal, motion, lighting, and flow control for industrial and educational purposes.  The switching power stage accepts 12V to 48V supplies and provides 6A half-bridge or 3A full-bridge output current.  Protection features include current limit and thermal shutdown, as well as filters and clamping on a split ground plane.  FlexControllerTM SOC allows quick verification of control algorithms through the PC with free FTviewTM software.  The 28-pin DIP controller socket also accepts PIC microchips and provides an In-Circuit-Debugger connection.  Data communication is through FlexBusTM isolated multi-drop serial bus that eliminates line drops and ground noise from measurements, provides protection from power transients, and enables operation at voltages not possible with other systems.  The data bus is port-powered, four-device addressable, and compatible with common USB to serial converters for maximum flexibility.  Flextek product manual provides application notes with schematics and code examples.  The board is 2.3in x 3.0in x 0.9in with convenient screw terminal connectors. MultiDriverTM Board FCMD010 is available now from Flextek Electronics for $99.00 at www.flex-tek.com.

Flexible Closed Loop Controller Chip 
CLOZDTM Loop Controller is a low-cost digital control chip developed for simplicity, robustness, and versatility. This flexible controller (Patent 6697685) reduces component cost and development time while improving reliability by using a single proven part in many applications.  Simply select the desired control configuration through pin settings (no programming) and quickly close a loop around a power supply, motor drive, heater, lamp, fan, valve, or TEC. The output drive of the controller is automatically adjusted until the measured feedback signal matches the desired setpoint command.  System time constants ranging from 128uS to 1,074Sec can be controlled with effective 12-bit resolution.  The output drive is pulse-width-modulated from 0-100% at 488Hz to 62.5KHz with bipolar option for full-bridge or triac drive for off-line operation.  Extensive application examples are provided in data sheet with schematics and results.  CLZD010 is available now in an 18-pin DIP for $3.95ea Qty 1K ($8.50 single) from Flextek Electronics at www.flex-tek.com.

FlexControllerTM System-On-Chip for Control and Automation 
FlexControllerTM System-On-Chip FCIC010 opens a window to the outside world from a PC.  Communicate through free Active X software to extend visual programming to external devices.  This technology enables easy control, automation, and data acquisition in power, motion, lighting, and flow applications for industry and education.  Key features include 16 total I/O, 5 analog inputs, 1 interval timer, 1 event counter, 1 running clock, 3 power driver outputs, and EEPROM calibration. An embedded real-time operating system performs digital filtering, error detection, and synchronization of hardware events. Closed-loop PC updates are interrupt-driven at 12.8mS intervals through a multi-drop addressable serial bus. Isolated interface board and education kit are available with application notes and demo software containing graphing and logging functions.  FlexControllerTM FCIC010 is available now in 28 pin narrow DIP from Flextek Electronics for $19.50 each at www.flex-tek.com. 

Flextek Education Kit for Closed-Loop Control 
The Flextek Education Kit is a low-cost system that provides an intuitive feel to closed-loop control while demonstrating Visual Basic programming, SPICE simulation, PIC micro familiarization, and general electronic principles.  The kit includes a PC-based controller with mating infrared experiment board, closed-loop control software with tutorial and application notes, serial data cable and power adapter. Visual Basic code demonstrates variable gain Proportional-Integral control of an IR emitter-sensor pair with strip chart for stability evaluation. The IR circuit reacts to external light or shadowing and has visual LED feedback to provide an intuitive “touch and feel” for experiments.  The digital controller is converted to an equivalent analog circuit for loop-gain simulation in SPICE to gain a clear understanding of critical principles.  Schematics suggest additional experiments for motion, thermal, and lighting control.  After experimentation, the controller is suitable for a variety of industrial tasks powered by a free Active X Control. Flextek Education Kit FCED010 is available now from Flextek Electronics for $99.00 each at www.flex-tek.com. 

Digital Power Control and Automation
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