Digital Power Control and Automation

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Digital Power Control and Automation

Flextek Digital Power Advancements
EDN 2009 Digital Controller Compensates Analog Controller
Power Electronics 2006 CLOZD Loop Technology Advances Digital Power Control 
EDN 2005 Power Goes Digital (Popular Industry Reference)
Electronic Design 2004 Flexible Power Amplifier Doubles As Process Controller
Nuts & Volts 2004 Digital Control without Programming
Power Electronics 1998 Flextek Kicks Off Digital Power Revolution
USPTO Flextek Patents on Flexible Digital Power Control Technology
CLOZDTM Loop Controllers are Easier to Use than Digital PID Controllers and are More Flexible than Traditional Analog Power Converters

Flextek Products Save Time and Money
Flextek power products with digital control are quickly configured to satisfy practical challenges, unlike traditional power converters that only supply fixed voltage.  Maintain constant temperature by automatically adjusting heater or TEC voltage, or control light intenstity, motor speed, and fluid flow.  Close an embedded control loop with a single timing parameter through pin settings, or drop an intuitive software module into Visual Basic for custom PC control.

CLOZD Loop Controller Chip Simplifies Embedded Real-Time Closed-Loop Control in Power, Thermal, Motion, Lighting, and Flow
Flextek CLZD010 Data Sheet     (Buy Now)

Flextek low-cost products for digital power control and automation are easy to use:
   - Embedded Real-Time Closed-Loop Control  -  CLOZDTM IC for Digital Control without Programming
   - Power Conversion and Process Control  -  FlexConverterTM Module is Quickly Custom Configured
   - PC-Based Automation  -  FlexControllerTM SOC is Commanded by FTviewTM Active X
   - Educational Design Kits  -  8-BUCK  Converter Design Kit and FlexControllerTM Education Kit
Application notes with education kits make it easy to quickly satisfy a broad range of requirements in power, thermal, motion, lighting, and flow. Expert service is available at reasonable rates for product customization or application design.

Digital Power Control and Automation
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FlexConverter applied patented CLOZD loop technology for embedded control applications.
Embedded CLOZDTM Loop Controllers

Digital Power Control and Automation

Legal Information
Flextek Electronics owns patent 6697685 that is a Flexible Closed Loop Controller with configurable elements that satisfies a broad range of tasks quickly and easily.  Flextek  owns patent 7,615,979 on a Flexible Power Converter and Simplified Process Controller that extends flexible control to digital power converters.  Flextek holds trademarks on FlexConverterTM, CLOZDTM, FlexControllerTM, FlexBusTM, MultiDriverTM, FTviewTM, and ActiveFlexTM.  Flextek Electronics makes no warranties expressed or implied, and retains rights on all software, firmware, designs, and documentation.